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Welcome to The Golden Pupper! This is a newsletter ALL about golden retrievers by the creator of Golden Retrievers of Tampa Bay. The Golden Pupper is a valuable resource for golden retriever owners. The newsletter will include the following content…
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Attention Breeders!

If you are a breeder, an application to advertise on the newsletter can be completed at this link: TGP Breeder Application. It is $25/month to post an Ad on The Golden Pupper via separate subscription (please contact breeder@thegoldenpupper.com for the link). The subscription includes:

  • Ad creation with your information and pictures

  • Ad will be posted in the weekly "Golden Update" that runs from Wednesday to Tuesday

  • For your first month we are offering $10 off when you use the promo code: MOLLY

If you would like to view a sample Ad, please contact breeder@thegoldenpupper.com. Ad submissions and/or changes must be received no later than Sunday at 11:59pm to be listed the following Wednesday. Ad proof must be approved by Monday at 11:59pm.

Attention Trainers!

If you are a dog trainer, please contact: editor@thegoldenpupper.com for advertising approval.

Thank you!

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The Golden Pupper newsletter is ALL about golden retrievers! It is a resource for golden pawrents throughout their dog's life stages. We will cover all topics related to goldens and provide a way to connect future puppy pawrents to reputable breeders.


I get paid in treats and hiney scratches :)