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The Golden Pupdate!


Welcome to The Golden Pupdate!

This is our weekly breeder update where golden breeders advertise their available litters. Please do your research first. Meet with the breeder and see the puppies in person before giving anyone your personal information. The Golden Pupper is not responsible. Volume 2 of The Golden Pupper is a great guide to follow when looking for your golden pup. You can access it below!

The Golden Pupper
How to Select a Reputable Golden Retriever Breeder
These days puppy scammers are out of control and it can be difficult to determine if a breeder is legitimate or not. When looking for a puppy, it is hard to resist the urge to question breeders since we tend to fall in love with the idea of a puppy before we know all the facts. We have created a guide for selecting a reputable breeder to help future pup…
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Below are the breeder advertisements for this week. Good luck on your puppy search!

Contact Shannon Teuton: | 352-817-7039

Follow on Facebook: From the Heart Retrievers & Doxies

Breeder Website: From the Heart Retrievers & Doxies

Contact Lindsey Linder: | 330-277-7871

Breeder Website: Blue Water Goldens

Follow on Facebook: Blue Water Goldens

Contact Kyleigh Cobett: | 727-324-9575

Follow on Instagram: tb_goldens

Contact Ashley: | 774-238-8733

Follow on Instagram:

Breeder Website: LilyLeoDog

If you would like to advertise on The Golden Pupdate, please send an email to!

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The Golden Pupper
The Golden Pupper
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