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A Golden Halloween

Volume 7: Spooky Edition

It’s time for Halloween! Break out those doggy costumes and prepare to celebrate! There are so many ways you can celebrate Halloween, the golden way! Let’s review some of the best activites and to-do’s for the holiday!

Dressing up your pup is by far the most fun activity to do. Whether it be taking them along for trick-or-treating or having them help their favorite hoomans deliver treats to trick-or-treaters. Who doesn’t love a golden in costume?! Just remember, always watch your pup to ensure they do not ingest any candy or wrappers/plastic as these can be fatal or cause bodily injuries. Also, please ensure your dog’s costume is breathable and non-restrictive so they have a tail-waggin’ good time (Dogtopia)! Bring a collapsible bowl with water so they stay hydrated. If your dog is not okay with people wearing costumes or the hustle and bustle of the night, it may be best to leave them at home so they don’t feel stressed or anxious (Dogtopia).

Go to a Halloween doggy event! There are a lot of bar crawls, local events with costume contests, and Halloween pet friendly parades. Just search online for events near you to discover all the fun!

Your golden will also love a new Halloween themed toy to get them in the spirit! Squeaky toys and stuffed critters will make them jump for joy. Just remember, although cute, rope toys are dangerous to give to your pup if they become unraveled. Make sure your golden is supervised when playing with a rope toy or better yet, just avoid them altogether as they are not worth the stress and mess they can turn into.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Sandwich Cookie Recipe

Making homemade Halloween themed dog treats are also fun and rewarding for your golden! If your golden is anything like ours, they will do anything for a tasty treat! Here is a recipe that we used to make our pups a special treat this Halloween. We hope your pup enjoys them as much as ours did! This recipe was inspired by Dalmation DIY and DailyPuppy (references below).

Rolling out the dough and cutting out the pumpkins was easier when more flour was applied to all surfaces.

After cutting out all of the pumpkins it was time to bake them in the oven!

After the cream was spread and sandwich cookies were assembled, our resident taste testers were begging to try out their Halloween treats! Bentley and Molly just KNEW these treats were for them. They were hovering around the kitchen throughout the entire process!

Bentley and Molly scarfed down their treats within seconds and wanted another helping!

Bentley was licking his chops and asking for more!

Molly also loved the treat! I’d say these treats were a success! Let us know how your pups enjoyed their peanut butter pumpkin sandwich cookies this Halloween!


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