A Golden Birthday!

Volume 8: Birthday Ideas for your Golden Pup
The birthday pups: Bentley & Molly

The Golden Pupper’s very own golden babies, Molly & Bentley, are celebrating their 10th and 6th birthdays! Molly is Bentley’s mom, and they share their birthday of November 3rd. Throwing your golden their own birthday celebration is so much fun! Below are some ideas of how to spoil your pup on their special day!

1. Send them for a s-paw day

Goldens love attention so of course they love to be pampered. Sending them for a relaxing day at the groomers can be just what they need to unwind. They can get a facial and a nice warm bath with a mani pedi. They will feel great after getting all nice and clean.

2. Get them a present

What’s a birthday without getting your golden a present! Whether it be a new toy or treat, they will love what you give them. Think of their favorite things and go from there.

3. Throw a doggy birthday pawty

Having your pup’s doggy friends over for their birthday party is a fun way to celebrate! You could even have a pool party for them if you’re able to. You can decorate, get some party hats and favors, make a doggy cake, and have a tail waggin good time!

4. Take them to the dog park

Some dogs love to play, so what better way to celebrate their special day than to take them to the dog park for a romp! Just keep in mind, taking your dog to a dog park can be a gamble. Not all dog owners are responsible for their dogs and their dog may not have manners. You will need to keep an eye on them every moment to ensure they are safe. Some dogs also play very rough and this can sometimes turn into a fight. When you see things take a turn, it’s time to head home. An alternative could be to take them on a leash to a people park. This way, you can still spend time with them outdoors, but without the headache of other potentially dangerous dogs ruining their day.

5. Take them on a hike

You could also take your golden on a hike if where you live has a trail. If your pup is not used to extended periods of walking, make sure to take breaks or plan on going home sooner. Make sure you watch your dog at all times so they do not wander off the trail. Be aware that snakes like to hide in wooded areas so keep an eye on on your surroundings to avoid any encounters. Don’t forget the poop bags! Also, bring a bowl with fresh water to keep them hydrated!

6. Take them to a dog beach

The dog beach is an especially fun outing for your golden. They will love running and digging in the sand as well as jumping and swimming in the water. There are some beaches that are off leash and others that are on leash so be sure you know the policy prior to your trip. Also, make sure you golden does not ingest too much salt water as they can become sick. You may want to bring some shampoo to give them a bath before loading up in the car. If not, you can at least rinse them off at the park’s wash station. Bring extra towels to protect your car from sea water and sand. Of course have fresh drinking water available at all times. Our favorite dog beach in the Tampa Bay Area is Fort De Soto!

7. Take them on a getaway

Above all else, your golden loves to be with you so wherever you take them they will be happy. Consider taking them on a getaway to break up the monotony of the day to day. They will enjoy a special outing with you to a new place to see and new smells to be had. You can take them on a trip to literally anywhere, but a dog friendly city will be the most fun for them! See volume 6 below for traveling tips and ideas!

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8. Take them out for dinner or dessert

These days restaurants are very dog friendly. Some even have menus for dogs. You can take them out for a nice dinner or tasty dessert. You can also treat your goldie to a pup cup at Starbucks or a vanilla frosty from Wendy’s. Yum!

9. Take lots of photos and videos

Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and videos! Time with our golden babies is what we all want more of. Our time with them is precious and it goes by way too fast. So to cherish your memories with them down the road, always remember to take photos and videos. You will thank yourself later when you look back and reminisce about all the fun times you shared.

10. Bake them a cake

Baking your golden a dog friendly sweet treat is a labor of love. You can make simple cupcakes or go all out and bake them a masterpiece. Get creative! The best part is that no one is judging you. Your golden doesn’t care what it looks like, they just want to scarf it down!

We had fun this year celebrating Molly and Bentley’s birthday. We baked them a special two tiered strawberry frosted cake. The cake was made from Love From The Oven’s recipe (reference is below). The frosting was made of plain yogurt, pureed strawberries and tapioca. We even added some carob covered strawberries! Our goldens absolutely LOVED their cake!

Bentley & Molly couldn’t wait for their slice!
Molly & Bentley’s birthday cake

Molly’s slice
Bentley’s slice

We hope these birthday ideas help you decide how you will spoil your pup this year. Enjoy celebrating your best friend’s special day!

How do you celebrate your golden’s birthday? Comment your ideas below!


Johnstone, C. (2021, July 26). Spoiled dog cake recipe. Love From The Oven. https://www.lovefromtheoven.com/spoiled-dog-cake-recipe/

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